One of the Leading
Packaging & Seafood Operators

Lead by Managing Director Tan Bon Hooi, our strong and dynamic management has been able to continue its rapid growth and expansion to meet various challenges ahead. Our knowledge of business, dedication to our customer service and high standards has prompted us to become one of the leading packaging & seafood operators from Penang to the Northern Malaysia.

Our Mission & Vision

Peng Kee Enterprise had been organized with a philosophy driven by strong business ethics and stringent conformance to top notch health and quality standards. We had achieved remarkable progress and continues to expand its wide ranging operations from Penang to the northern Malaysian region and beyond.

From Penang expand Wide to the Northern Malaysia.

Exploring & Developing

With our expert team, we find solutions, new shapes, new packaging & new developing progess. We identify the perfect shrinkage value and packaging materials for your unique packaging need. We believe that to enhcance the quality of product, the right packaging is very important becasue the first impression is the key to success.

We are not just only the packaging seller,
We are “One-stop Packaging & Seafood Supplier.

Our Mission & Vision

satisfaction is the key to bring success. To expand our business & market area, we constant on product innovation, improving on product quality, increased investments in new machinery as well as enhancing the company’s Quality Control Standards.
We assured the quality of product & services.