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Quality Assurance, Excellence Services.

We take individual approaches to each project to meet the needs of our customers and comply with all the rules in the country in which the project is implemented. We pay particular attention to ensuring with project deadlines and budgets. To provide sufficient quality assurance for your project, we implement and maintain a quality management system.


1. Frozen Seafood Products

When client ask “Is the seafood fresh?” what they really mean is “Is it good quality?” It may come as a surprise, but the best quality seafood is often frozen. Frozen seafood is an alternative way to preserve fresh seafood for a long time. We are in the frozen seafood industry that will provide you the superior quality seafood products.


2. Disposable Cutleries

There are many different materials available for tableware used for your business. Some materials allow you to make difference in the environment and are more environmentally friendly.


3. Food Packaging Solutions

We specialize in helping you capitalize on market opportunities. Whether the product running is a new market segment that you want to include, or you have produced a comfortable meal for many years. Our range of food contact packaging ensures your goods remain fresh and protected whilst meeting all the relevant legislative requirements for food hygiene.


4. Bio Packaging Solutions

The biodegradable product has the ability to break, safely and quickly, biologically, into natural raw materials and lost to the environment. Biodegradable material we use in our packaging will return to its original element without danger, fast and fully and beneficial for Plant Growth besides has proven scientific technology – Independent Laboratory and University Studies.


5. Packaging Materials

When it’s time to choose a packaging solution for your product, you will want to choose the material that look great, offer accurate protection, and fit your budget. All materials that we used are biodegradable and can be formed and they are a good alternative to non-friendly packaging products.


6. Custom-made Packaging

Whether your needs are simple or complex, We offer unique, personalized & Custom-made packaging consulting services that are each tailored to meet your specific business objectives.